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DDW Maintaining Your RV Air Conditioners

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Having your air conditioner in tip-top condition when summer is round the corner should be your top priority, especially if you have a RV air conditioner. In fact, RV air conditioners should be maintained on a regular basis as they have many parts such as motors, compressors and other components. Absence of regular maintenance can lead to expensive repair bills that could spoil the entire fun of the summer vacations. read more

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CC Bathroom Vanities – How To Give A Tired Bathroom A New Lease Of Life!

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Bathroom vanities come in a huge choice of sizes, styles and finishes, and offer a multitude of options when it comes to giving a bathroom an instant makeover. If your bathroom’s looking a bit outdated or could do with a fresh new image, then fitting a new vanity unit could transform its appearance and revitalize the look and feel of the whole room.

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QD Know Your Air Conditioner Components

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To know your air conditioner better, start from the basics. There are mainly three major parts of an air conditionerthe condenser, the compressor and the evaporator. While the first two are placed exterior to the air conditioner, the evaporator is interior to the machine.

Basically the air conditioner works on the successive heating and cooling of a super-volatile liquid called Freon. The latter first goes into the compressor and is compressed into gas form, thus emitting… read more

Tarmac Patio Paving Waterford

DDW Maintaining The Clean Carpet Look

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Tips on keeping your commercial carpets looking new for many years.

Carpet, carpet cleaning, flooring

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Are you frustrated that your carpets look nothing like they did when you first bought them? Probably, so are many other homeowners. Well, there are fortunately some things once can do to prevent carpet disasters as the one we have mentioned above. read more

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DDWex The Secret Language Of Dinnerware

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Dinnerware is something that each home needs to have. It doesnt matter if you are looking for something for yourself or for a gift (or maybe even both) but having the right selection is the key here. Because there are so many options out there in dinnerware, you may find yourself a little confused and wondering just what you should choose. While it really is only up to you to choose what you like the best, there are a few things that you can and should consider before purcha… read more

Roofing And Guttering Wicklow

ARW The Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Medallion

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This article offers several reasons why adding a decorative ceiling medallion to your room. Ceiling medallions are a subtle addition which will bring a subtle but beautiful change to any ceiling or light fixture.

ceiling medallion, ceiling texture, do it yourself, plaster

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A ceiling medallion is probably not the first thing you think of when you think of classing up a room. Everyone is remodeling these days, and the reason this remodeling trend has taken America by storm is because people are seeking to make something old have a new stylish look. Refurbishing a house is also a good way to be economical. If you redo the house you already own, it is usually cheaper and a better idea than buying a new house. A stylish look is one of the benefits of installing a decorative ceiling medallion. Another benefit of installing a ceiling medallion is to mask flaws or imperfections that may exist in a ceiling, especially if the ceiling is older. One final benefit to adding a decorative ceiling medallion is that while it adds value and style to your ceiling they can be inexpensive. read more

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Hardwood Floors For Healthy Living

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Did you know hardwood flooring is better for you than almost any other type of floor covering out there? According to the Environmental Protection Agency indoor air quality is one the biggest health threats people face on a daily basis. Installing a hardwood floor in your home will drastically improve the quality of the air you and your family breath everyday. read more

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AP The Top 2 Reasons Why Metal Buildings Are A Great Investment

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Let’s be honest. When you were a little kid and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say? If you are like most people you probably answered fireman, policeman, or possibly a doctor. You most likely didn’t answer ‘metal building owner.’ It doesn’t sound sexy and it might not raise a lot of eyebrows at cocktail parties. However, if you saw the amount of money that some of the owners of these investment properties made, you might start whistling… read more

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LL End Your Hard Water Nightmares With A Water Softener

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Are you tired of finding spots on your dishes and glasses after washing them with your dishwasher?

Are you tired of having stiff clothes after washing them with your washing machine?

Are you tired of being unable to get your surfaces cleaned because of the build up of scales?

All this could be the result of “hard water” that you use for the washing of your dishes, washing of your clothes and cleaning of your surfaces. read more

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DDWex Enhance Your Room With A Closet Door Mirror

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Mirrors are a good addition to any room. They immediately make the room look larger, which is one reason you often see mirrored walls at restaurants and other places of business. Their light-reflecting properties brighten up a room. If you have a bedroom that needs brightening but you don’t have any space, try a closet door mirror.

There are two ways to add mirrors to your closet door.You can buy a kit that allows you to add mirrors to your closet doors. This is a reasonab… read more