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Paving Wexford

DDWex Decorate The Outdoors

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You dont have to limit yourself to decorating the inside of your home. Your patio and yard are extensions of your home, and have unique opportunities to allow you to express yourself and your sense of style.

Of course, they present unique challenges as well. Much of your outside decor will be seasonal. The furniture may have to be stored indoors in winter in some climates, and plants may die back.

Start out by thinking of what you would like to do in your patio and yar… read more

Landscaping Dublin

APD Vacuum Cleaner Buying Info

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There are a few things you would like to think about before you buy a new vacuum cleaner, this market has experienced a significant change in the last few years, with new companies and breakthrough products dominating the market some people find it very difficult deciding which kind of vacuum cleaner to buy and what kind of features they need on their new vacuum cleaner.

There are more choices then ever on how to clean your house. Its getting easier all the time. The big … read more

Driveways Cork

CC Asbestos Ceiling Tiles  Potential Hazards And Precautions

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Asbestos was widely used as a component of popcorn ceiling in homes or in the form of asbestos ceiling tiles. It was also used as decorative sprays on the walls or for soundproofing purposes. However, off late there has been a lot of concern regarding the use of asbestos ceiling tiles because of harmful affects of asbestos particles on human health.

Hazards of Asbestos ceiling tiles

Asbestos contains deadly silicate fibers that can be airborne on applying physical for… read more

Davitt Driveways Wicklow

Butcher Block Kitchens – Pros And Cons

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Butcher-block counter tops and tables give a beautiful effect to any modern kitchen. The woods used include Maple, beech and ash. If you are giving your kitchen a makeover then think about replacing laminate top work surfaces with butcher-block ones. Butcher block is made from strips of wood glued together to look like one solid piece.

The natural variation present in any wood gives interest and beauty to the surface. Work surfaces made from solid wood are never going to d… read more

Roofers Wicklow

ARW Grandfather Clocks- Relive The Magic

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Every child in high school learns that a pendulum’s rate of swing (period) is proportional to its length. This is the only factor that affects the period. Galileo discovered this in 1582.

Today’s grandfather clocks are the descendents of William Clement’s clock from 1670. He had discovered that a longer pendulum meant more accurate timekeeping. The long pendulum had to be enclosed to prevent children (and adults) playing with it. Hence the long-case clock was invented. The… read more

Landscaping Dublin

LL Are You Buying A Central Air Conditioning?

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So you have decided to buy central air conditioning. The best way and most important thing when buying central air conditioning equipment is to have it installed by a qualified contractor.

If you get the central air conditioner properly installed then the unit would be tightly sealed and no energy can be wasted, which saves you money. When one talks about saving money through efficient air conditioning systems the topic of SEER usually comes up. SEER or seasonal energy ef… read more


LL Strange Cleaning Tips

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Many household products can function well in areas quite different from their initial intended uses. Here are a few examples:

Icy Steps?
If you live in an area that freezes during the winter, here’s a tip for keeping your front steps from getting icy. Just take a bowl of hot water, add a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid to it. Once you’ve poured that mixture over the steps, they won’t freeze again. (Of course, this trick may work with other dishwashing liquids, as we… read more


QD Ideas for Simple Kitchen Makeovers

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An informative article with some interesting ideas for kitchen makeovers.

kitchen remodeling, kitchen islands, kitchen cabinet hardware

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Spring has finally sprung, and many of us are eager to get our home renovations underway. With so many project options available to the average homeowner, it is often difficult to determine the most cost effective home improvements. This is especially difficult for people that are trying to ready their homes for sale. read more

Paving Dublin

AP Decorating ideas to spruce up your home

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Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your home. When selecting colors for bedrooms it is important to choose colors that are conducive to sleeping.

decorating ideas, decorating ideas

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Decorating ideas for your home can be a very creative and personal experience. You can spruce up a room without spending a lot of money. Start by saving fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, paint chips, and clippings from home design books and magazines. read more

Paving Cork

CC Decorate Your Concrete: Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer

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Decorate your home’s concrete surfaces and give your patio, porch, garage, driveway, etc. a customized and refreshing new look. Acid stains, water based stains and epoxy paints are available for do-it-yourself projects.

concrete, concrete stain, concrete paint, patio, concrete coloring

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You can enhance your homes existing concrete surfaces using acid stains, water based stains, epoxy paints, and scoring techniques. If youre tired of looking at dull gray concrete, there are some fairly easy projects for the serious do-it-yourselfer to give your concrete a refreshing new look. Or perhaps you plan to have some new concrete installed but you dont want plain gray concrete. Decorative concrete work costs double to triple that of regular concrete and many people simply cant afford it. There are inexpensive ways to decorate concrete after it has cured without having to pay skilled tradesmen. read more