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DPC Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

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What is “Memory Foam”?

Memory Foam was created by the American Organization, NASA, during the 1970’s. The invention was not used for space missions due to some reasons of the closed environment atmosphere. However, some companies like Tempur Pedic, saw that their could be a future in this foam for consumers.

Memory foam was engineered to spread pressure and release the pressure points from the weight of the person or thing. However there were some fundamental flaws in t… read more


RL Add Great Patio Furniture

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If your back porch is empty it might be time to think about adding some great patio furniture. Patio furniture is a simple way to add a lot to any porch or deck.

Think about the many uses of weRL chosen patio furniture. First, having great patio furniture for your back deck or porch wiRL encourage you to be outside more. When the weather turns nice not many people want to remain indoors any longer. Most look for ways to get out into the beautiful weather. But who is anxiou… read more

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AP Air-Purifiers  Clean The Atmosphere With Top-Quality Purifiers

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With the increase in pollution levels in the country, the customers demands for air-purifiers have been increasing at an alarming rate. The air-purifiers assist in purifying the contaminated air in your home and office thereby freeing the air from unnecessary pollutants. A close research on environmental sciences suggests that the air outside home is far more pure than the air inside the home. So the air-purifiers are known for converting the contaminated air to clean air an… read more

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LL Climbing Frames and Play Structures – is planning permission needed ?

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Find out if you need planning permission for that climbing frame or play structure that you are going to put in your garden. Includes tips and advice on positioning and installing your play structure.

climbing, playsetg frames, outdoor toys, play structures, swing sets, kids forts

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As a retailer of climbing frames and other play structures to the UK market I sometimes get asked if planning permission is needed for putting a play structure in the garden. read more

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DDWex Advice On Asbestos Disposal

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Did William Daniel have proper advice on asbestos disposal? This resident of Ohio was fined $22,600, ordered to perform 208 hours of community service and was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment on 21 Feb 2002 for violating the Clean Air Act. Daniel had improperly disposed 469 bags of asbestos waste thereby causing a grave danger to public health.

Condition of Asbestos is a Major Factor in its Disposal:

Depending on condition, we can divide asbestos into two major group… read more

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DDWex Shower Heads: Women vs. Men

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Ever wonder what women want in a shower head and what men want in a shower head? Probably not. Still, you should read this article because the differences will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

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First let me tell you that this article was NOT intended to be humorous at all. It was simply meant to be an informational piece about shower heads and what people preferred. The more I investigated the more I found there were huge differences between what men want vs. what women want in shower head. The more men and women I talked with the more obvious and humorous the differences became. I even had much insight into the completely different yet hilarious shower habits and “rituals” of men and women. As funny as these habits are most men will relate to the men’s habits and women will relate to the women’s habits. I bet you will too. read more

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APD Toilet Bowl Mop And Toilet Bowl Brush Information.

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There are many things you can do to avoid the nasty black ring on your toilet. The first is to use a low acid toilet bowl cleaner to kill the bacteria. The second is to get your self a really good toilet bowl brush or toilet bowl mop to scrub that acid around in the toilet and remove those ugly stains.

toilet mop, toilet brush, toilet bowl mop, toilet bowl brush, cleaning toilet, toilet ring

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When you think about it, toilets are pretty gross. Public toilets can be used up to 100 times a day, that means 100 people are using them. It is said that whenever a toilet is flushed it releases over 5000 bacteria into the air. So, when you walk into a public restroom that is well frequented, there can be up to half a million bacteria or virus particles in the air. Those bacteria can land on handles, sinks, faucets and even the paper towels that you use to wipe your hands after you have washed them. You can use all the antimicrobial soap in the world but it won’t do you any good if your smearing those dirty germs, bacteria and viruses onto your hands after you have used the soap. If you walk into a public restroom and it doesn’t look clean my advice is to walk straight out. If it looks dirty to your eyes imagine how it would look under a microscope. One of the dirtiest places in a bathroom is the toilet but a toilet can be kept clean very easily with regular maintenance. If you want to try an experiment don’t clean your toilet for 4 weeks and see what happens. Slowly right above the waterline a black or brownish ring will form. If you let your toilet go a little longer before cleaning, that black ring will slowly start to climb in vertical lines toward the toilet rim (by the way, that ring is about 6 inches from your behind whenever you sit down on your toilet). What is that black ring? The nasty black ring is bacteria and micro fecal buildup. A pretty nasty combination when you consider every time you flush your toilet your breathing them in. read more

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ARW Roomba Vacuum Collection: The Next Generation Of Vacuum Cleaner

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iRobot Corporation is the brain behind the Roomba Vacuum Cleaners. Robotics enthusiasts from MIT founded the company in the early 90’s. The company first introduced Roomba in 2002 as an intelligent fully automatic robotic vacuum cleaner.

The first generation of Roomba is called the Intelligent Floorvac. The introduction took the nation by storm as expected by IRobot Corporation. It was deemed to be the very first successful commercial domestic robot to hit the U.S market. … read more

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DDWex How To Find The Right Home Painter

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Whether you need to paint the interior or exterior of your home, it is imperative to find the right painter for the project. Having a good home painter will ensure you have a quality job that is affordable and completed in a timely manner. Make sure you choose a painter with experience and who can do a good job for you.

Get several quotes for your project before deciding on a painter. Make sure the quotes include details of what is included, price for the job and an estima… read more


QD How To Get Rid Of Roaches

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Just the sight of one of these multi-legged, hard-shelled visitors crawling across the floor is enough to make your toes curl, and your screams can hit high notes you didn’t realize were possible. But what are you dealing with?

Roaches are a large, disgusting insect, with six legs, and 18 knee joints. (We were sure you’d want to know that.) There are more than 5,000 species in the world, but the most common are the German cockroach, and the American cockroach. read more