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Irobot Roomba Redefines Household Cleaning

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Ever wondered what its like to not have to worry anymore about hurting your back as well as sneezing your brains out due to all those dust that has settled comfortably under all your furniture? Does it seem like almost too good to be true? iRobot, the company who has created various miracle household robotic wonders like the iRobot Roomba, who’s ultimately goal is to make vacuuming a more pleasant and peaceful experience for people who simply don’t have the luxury of time to … read more

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DDW How To Find The Right Type Of Humidifier Filters?

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There are many reasons people choose to humidify their homes. Dry air caused by winter or living in a dry climate is responsible for a range of problems. Physical symptoms of dry air include: a dry nose and throat, which can make you feel sick. Other physical problems include chapped lips and tight, dry skin. Dry air can wreak havoc on your home as well. Static electricity is caused by lack of moisture in the air. This lack of moisture causes the air to pull moisture from you… read more

Rapid Locksmiths

RL Evaluating Laminate Floors

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Since the introduction of laminate flooring into the US in 1982, the sector has experienced growth of up to 20% per annum at the expense of other floor types, making laminate the fastest growing floor type in the country. The appeal lies not only in its aesthetic value of its representation of real hardwood, but also due to its incredible durability and ease of maintenance. read more

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A Short History Of The Toilet

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Toilets are an essential part of our everyday lives. We tend to take the toilet very much for granted and not really like to think about it too much until we find that we desperately need a toilet and none can be found. We forget that modern toilets are a luxury in a lot of under developed countries and find it a huge inconvenience if our toilet doesn’t work. read more

Davitt Tarmac Wicklow


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People don’t think that it’s important, but the appearance of your house outside is just as vital as the interior decorations. When you bring people to your house, the first thing they will see is the outside appearance. If you have a crappy look outside, even if your house has a great design and well built inside, they will always have that impression that your house is terrible because of the outside appearance. More and more people are conscious about their house’s outside… read more


QD Home Renovation and maintenance in the fall

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Doing a few chores around the house this month can save homeowners major expense in the spring, according to Rick Felton, President of Homeservice Club of Canada.

Home Renovation, Contractors

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“By doing a little preventative maintenance now, you can prevent minor problems from escalating into a major headache in the spring,” Felton said. “Minor repairs done now can prevent air and moisture penetration from attacking the structural integrity of your home down the road,” he added. read more


DPC Let The Professionals Clean Your House

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Our busy lifestyles don’t always allow us to get all of the daily chores done. A 40 hour work week can take its toll on us, and by the time the weekend arrives, the last thing we want to deal with is mopping the floor. Residential cleaning services can put your home on their list of chores. These companies offer maids that literally come in and clean things up to get you back in that spotless environment. Let’s face it, no one wants to come home to a mess. Residential cl… read more