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Patios Dublin

APD Get Organized

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You’re a grown-up now; it’s time to keep those undies and wet towels off the floor. Furthermore, being a pack-rat is not a quality most find appealing. That doesn’t mean you should change, just hide it better. And while it may not bother you that your “office” furniture consists of a folding card table and rusty file cabinet, it sure doesn’t send a very professional message to potential clients. So, get a jump on spring and get organized with these nifty-and functional-finds…. read more


DPC How To Save On Remodeling Projects

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From television to magazines to your neighbors, redecorating homes is all the rage as people compensate for the rising costs of buying a home by giving their old rooms a new look. The trouble is this approach can be very costly when all the possibilities are considered- remodeling a room can involve furniture changes, painting, trimming, re-flooring, and many other options besides.

So how is the trend-conscious home owner to fit a remodeling project into a budget so that y… read more

Roofers Kildare

ARK Geothermal Heat Pumps Far Superior

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Few people are even aware that geothermal heat pumps are even an option when it comes to their heating and cooling needs. Most of us are aware that electric heat pumps are available but the new generation of geothermal units are just now gaining popularity. These state-of-the-art heat pumps provide the same continuous and even heat or cooling just like the electric pumps but they are far more efficient at doing so. So, if you are in need of a new heating/cooling system for yo… read more


QD Floor Heating

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There is nothing quite like being able to walk around in the middle of winter, barefoot and warm.

Under floor heating provides warmth that keeps you comfortable from your toes to the top of your head.
By having warm feet the whole body feels warmer.

As the warmth from the floor rises, it heats the whole of the house in a mild manner without the noise and drafts of fans or the smell of open fires or gas heaters.

Under floor heating is best installed when the house is… read more

driveway cleaners wicklow

STCS Can You fit Your Own Ornate Ceiling? Have A Go!

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Most people can now fit their own ornate ceilings thereby saving big dollars on installation cost. Find out how to do it

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Use aluminum instead of tin. read more

Roofing Wicklow

ARW Making A Bedroom Useful With A Stanley Mirror Door

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If you live in a home that was built between 1970 and the present, you probably deal with less than large bedrooms. Older homes tended to have large bedrooms with open ceilings. In the 70s and still today homes are being built with small bedrooms. The whole idea is to give the family larger communal areas that they use more often. The thought sounds ARWpealing, but trying to make your bedroom useful can be difficult. One simple way to make your bedroom seem a little larger is… read more

Tarmac Patio Paving Waterford

DDW Helpful Household Rust Tips — Fight Back Against Rust and Win!

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Learn how you can safely and easily remove and prevent rust on household items.

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With winter finally behind us, youve probably started to prepare for the warmer weather ahead. That means putting away the snow blower and snow shovels and getting out the lawnmower, rakes, garden tools and patio set. You may have noticed that many of your stored items, look at little worse for the wear theyre covered in spider webs, dirt and rust. While its no secret that you can clean off the dirt and spider webs with a little water and elbow grease, you may be unaware of your options when it comes to fixing the rust. read more

Rapid Locksmiths

RL Contemporary Furniture Trends

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Fashion trends no longer dictate the way we dress or decorate our homes. Eclecticism and contrasting style directions reign in home design. More and more people develop a taste of mixing contradictory furniture trends in their home decor, combining contemporary furniture with vintage finds and exotic art pieces.

Uncertain economy, the rise of natural disasters, persistent war conflicts and terrorist threats has resulted in the further insulation of people within their hom… read more

Roofing And Guttering Kildare

ARK Selecting Your Carpet

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We’ve all done it. Every time we invest in new carpet, we take an internal oath and solemnly swear we will take care of this brand new carpet, and rightfully so. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to know that for most folks, the third largest investment after the purchase of our home and cars is the home’s interior.

So we read the manufacturer’s warranty and notice that it says to vacuum often. Daily might be the frequency in the high traffic areas. But who has time a… read more

Davitt Tarmac Wicklow

The Corn Pellet Stove – a brief explanation

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A corn pellet stove is one of several types of pellet stoves – kitchen appliances that burn either wood pellets or biomass pellets that are fed into a burning pot. These pellet stoves are used in residential and even industrial sites mostly for heating and sometimes even for cooking.

Home, Living, Kitchen, Stoves, Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Wood Burning Stoves, Corn Pellet Stove, Heat, Energy Conservation, Green Energy read more