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Roofing Wicklow

ARW Make Sure You Get The Perfect Rocking Chair

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Fascinated in rocking chairs? Always wanted to have one? Then read on. Benjamin Franklin is popularly credited for inventing the rocking chair, but there is no real historical fact to support this. What was only determined is that he was the proud owner of a rocking chair that ARWpeared in the Colonies 250 years ago. During the early 19the century, chairs were altered by shortening the legs a bit and sawing a slot into each foot to where the rockers are to be put in place. The… read more


QD Flat Conveyor Belts

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Flat conveyor belts are used in the meat, poultry, food processing, and packaging industries. They can be of different materials, widths, and specifications. When used for dairy or food processing, the belt must have the appropriate approvals like FDA and USFDA. When the flat conveyor belt has a maximized open area then the efficacy of different operations like cooling, coating, draining, heating and drying improves greatly. Flat conveyor belts are no-slip, and can be maintained easily. read more

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STCS Buying Used Bathroom Vanities

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Get to know the process of buying bathroom vanities second hand.

vanities, bathroom vanities, d cor, bathroom

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It is unarguable that bathroom vanity cabinets are an essential part to any bathroom. Unfortunately, many have shied away from purchasing the vanity of their dreams. Why? Well, because bathroom vanity cabinets have become quite costly. Fortunately, there is an alternative option for those looking to purchase the vanity of there dreams on a budget. Welcome to the world of used bathroom vanities. read more

Davitt Tarmac Wicklow

The Benefits Of Maid Service

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Today’s families are busier than ever. When both parents work outside the house and the kids need to get to after school activities and sports events, housework never seems to get done. More and more families are considering using a maid service to keep their homes clean and comfortable. However, is it really safe to use a maid service? How do you hire the right service for your family? read more

Davitt Paving Wicklow

Consider Gates Outside Your Home

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As a landscape architect, there are many things that I like to see people add to their lawns and properties to give them the special touches. I love helping people plant trees and bushes in just the right spots and I love turning a yard filled with dirt into a beautifully landscaped lawn the very next year. I have recently been feeling a bit more risky in my profession and so I have been suggesting different things to my clients. My latest risky suggestion is to place gates a… read more

Rapid Locksmiths

RL Considering Buying A Turkish Area Rug?

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Turkish Rugs

So, you are looking for a piece of art to invest in, but youd like it to be useful, too. Have you considered buying a rug? Quality Turkish rugs are beautiful, functional pieces that can really hold their value. Even better, these rugs can fit any budget. A large, weRL woven handmade rug can cost as much as four thousand dollars, while a smaRL machine made rug may cost as little as forty or fifty dollars. read more


DPC How to Protect Yourself When Purchasing a Home

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When you are purchasing a home, whether it is your first or not, it is important that you protect yourself and your investment. Many people will make sure their appliances have warranties, as well as their vehicles. Most people will not make a big purchase like those without a warranty, so why is it that so many people make the biggest purchase of their lives (a home) and do not get a warranty?

Home Owner Warranty, Home Buyer Warranty, Home Seller Warranty, Homeowner Program, Air conditioner Repair, Furnace Repair, Appliance Repair read more

Quality Tarmac Dublin

QDD1 Steam Cleaners  The Purest Way To Clean

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Steam cleaners are machines that clean surfaces using steam or hot water. Steam cleaners are usually used to kill allergens, dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungus etc on the surface being cleaned. Steam cleaners are used in hospitals, hotels, bakeries, restaurants, pharmacies, etc. Household steam cleaners are used to cleanse kitchens, bathrooms, carpets etc. Steam cleaners can be used to clean almost any surface like floors, curtains, furniture, and almost any surface which is … read more

Roofers Kildare

ARK Garage flooring, floor coverings, floor material, epoxy, concrete floor paint, & floor coatings are only good if they stay on the floor.

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Lifting and peeling paint from epoxy coverings, coatings and seals are too often the end product of efforts to dress up a garage, shop or basement. A lifting and peeling problem is worse than having no finish at all. The eyesore of blisters, peeling, and chipping of a floor gone wrong is testimonial to a failure in preparation. Fortunately, after 40 years of development technology in flooring, one should no longer rely on raw materials like muriatic acid (Hydrochloric) to clean and prep your read more

Patios Dublin

APD Garage Insulation Saves You Money

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Not only will insulating your garage save money. It can help make your home a healthier place to live.

garage insulation, spray foam insulation, house insulation

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Garage insulation is probably not something you think about very often. Most homeowners keep their attics and walls well insulated because they know it saves on energy costs. But, since garages are unconditioned spaces, not heated or cooled, it does not makes sense to insulate them. read more