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DPC How To Grout Your Tile And Stone

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More and more homeowners are experiencing the satisfaction of repairing their tile and grout. The high cost of labor for even small jobs, has driven people to the stores looking for tile, materials, products and information.

This is GREAT! Why shouldnt homeowners learn to tile and grout?

Ive seen many new homes with completed ceramic tile jobs that have made the hair on the back of my neck stand up in fright  especially tract homes where the bottom line for the devel… read more

Davitt Tarmac Wicklow

Storage A Clean Solution

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Rental storage units, also known as self-storage and mini-storage units, are a booming business right now, as storage facilities seem to be cropping up everywhere. People collect more and more items, and their possessions grow out of their attics and basements, forcing them to rent monthly storage units. The appeal of storage units is having access to a clean, safe, well-lit and efficient area for storage. It also helps to get the clutter out of the house and into another pla… read more


QD Finding Hand Tools For Wood Working

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When you mention woodworking, the first thing that often comes to mind is power tools. However, you will also need a variety of hand tools for your workshop. For the beginner, it can be confusing and difficult to decide what to buy. Building a collection can be expensive and often small tools are overlooked. There are some ways to build your collection inexpensively.

Hand Tools for Shaping Wood

o Clamps: you will need a variety of types and sizes. Fortunately, these a… read more

Tarmac Patio Paving Waterford

DDW Granite counter tops Part.I

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Granite counter tops.

Granite counter tops,counter tops,

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When you are ready to do a little remodeling in the kitchen, you probably will to want to replace the counter top as well as the cupboards. If you are looking for some of the most versatile and beautiful granite counter tops that are out there. When you start to look at all the different granite counter tops you may notice that there are more options out there than what you are ready to choose from. One real good thing about the granite counter tops is that you are going to be able to find the perfect color and style of counter top that will suite your needs in the kitchen space that you have to work with. read more

Davitt Paving Wicklow

Cleaning Carpet Stains – Harmless And Simple!

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Did you know that quite a few of the common household cleaning agents you would normally reach for to clean a carpet stain will actually damage your carpet forever?

Did you know that clear liquid detergents are better for carpet stain removing than opaque ones?

How about this: When blotting to clean a carpet stain, should you work outward or inward?

Check out the tips for cleaning carpet stains below. You’ll be surprised how enlightening they are, and how much sense … read more

Rapid Locksmiths

RL Choosing The Right Refrigerator For You

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For most families, the refrigerator is the star of the kitchen. It certainly gets the most attention as members open it and close it several times in a day. In some kitchens it is the easel that displays the most treasured artwork or a collage of favorite photos. No other appliance invites people to stand before it browsing its contents even if they were just viewed moments ago. When it comes to picking out such an important appliance, it is important to understand the refrig… read more