Allow me to personally invite you to join us as our special guest at the “Church in the Old Mill” in downtown Nashua. You’ll find yourself warmly welcomed into an exciting atmosphere where families are friends, music honors our Saviour, and the preaching of God’s Word is always heart stirring. I’m absolutely certain you will leave refreshed and desiring to come again. Won’t you join us this week?

Transportation by bus is offered to families residing in the Nashua and Lowell, Ma. Communities. As a result, many children have been able to hear the glorious gospel. Caring workers visit their bus routes on a weekly basis, providing a helping hand to many who would not otherwise have a way to church. On the way home from church, usually a treat is provided or perhaps a different promotion would be used to demonstrate the great love that Faith Baptist has for those who need transportation to the church.

During the evening, we provide a church van that transports adults from Lowell so they can attend church. This has become a vital ministry to many who are excited about coming back to the evening services on both Wednesday and Sunday.

For all of our friends among us who speak a different language, but love the Saviour just like the English speaking people. We offer this ministry to our Spanish speaking community. The Sunday School hour is held at 10 a.m. and the service is at 11 a.m. You are invited to stay for the Spanish morning service or if you also speak English, you are welcome to join us in the auditorium for our main service. There is also a Mid-week service opportuunity on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. We are excited for you to get involved in this ministry.

We offer classes beginning at 10 a.m. for adults, teens, and all children. All are taught by caring and qualified teachers. We invite one and all to attend this vital teaching arm of the church ministry. It is vital for fellowship and spiritual growth. All children’s classes have a main teacher and a qualified helper. We currently offer the following:

Nursery – Infant to 3 yr. olds
Beginners – 4 and 5 yr. olds
Primaries – 1st – 6th grades
Teens – 7th -12th grades
College & Career – 18-25 years old (out of high school)
Adult Men’s Class – God’s Mighty Men of Valor
Adult Ladies Class – The Women of Wisdom
Homebuilder’s Couples Class

We also have appropriate classes for all of our bus children. They are as follows: 1st -3rd Boys, 1st -3rd Girls, 4th -6th Boys, & 4th -6th Girls

How would you like a life filled with love, joy and real peace? 
Wouldn’t it be awesome to find that place that you fit in? Is God really there and does He really care about me? (Yes!) How about that special purpose that was designed for YOU to fulfill? Life is filled with questions that God has the answers to and

God wants the very best for your life! You are invited to attend our Teen Sunday School class and have fun while learning the Word of God in a way that you can apply it to your life today!

The things we do…
 Our youth ministry is geared toward shaping the future and because of that, the students in our teen class are involved in serving at church!

* We help on buses
* We’re Sunday School class helpers
* We’re Nursery helpers
* We have Teen singing groups as a part of the music ministry

The places we go…
* We have annual youth trips
* We have special activities

All of these will help you live the abundant life that God intended for you! So we ask…Why would you settle for less than God’s best?

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